• This offer is organised by Into Mobiles Limited in conjunction with the Daily Star Sunday. However, neither company is directly connected to the developers of the apps or each other.
  • All app downloads are subject to the terms of the relevant app stores and the individual developers, which are accepted upon download of the app.
  • Customer service and support is not provided by Into Mobiles nor the Daily Star Sunday. Users should go to the Contact page or download page on the app store and get in touch with the relevant developer.
  • You must have a compatible device with internet access (sometimes Wi-Fi is required, not just 3G) to download the apps. Not all apps are available for all devices. Standard operator charges may apply for the data transfer, get in touch with your operator for more details.
  • Into Mobiles and Daily Star are not associated with the manufacturers, app stores or networks in any way and all references to such company or brand is for marketing purposes only.
  • This offer is subject to availability and to change without notice.